A key to continued business success is customer service.

customer serviceThis interaction between the business and the customer is crucially important to be as pleasant as possible if you want to make sure that the customer will stay loyal to your business after this experience.

Recently I called Boost Mobile Customer Service Number and I didn’t received help which I was expecting to get.

Here are top reasons for customer service so you can check and avoid them or even correct them if you or any of your employees are practicing them:

Lack of training – anyone without proper training will not be able to provide satisfactory customer service because he will not have any idea where he can get the solutions from and how he can provide that to the customer.

Lack of care – a customer service representative who is emotionally detached to his job will not be able to empathize or even focus to what the customer needs.

Personal problems brought to work – anyone who thinks about personal issues at work will have a hard time delivering good performance. This is especially hard for those who have to deal with people face to face or over the phone.

Stress – if the customer service rep is stressed out or burnt out with his job, he will no longer care for the good of the company and the extent of help he can provide to the customer. His performance will be meager.

Another thing is that customer reps will often find themselves listening to the same problems over and over again, causing them to no longer care about individual situation. Everything will be general and if the customer feels that the solution you provide is one size fits all, he will not be satisfied at all.

Not enough benefits or compensation – of course it’s hard to find a job and many of us stick to whatever we can find. If we don’t feel good about what we are paid, it’s hard to deliver the best of our abilities in everything we do.

By understanding some of the reasons for poor customer service, a business will be able to thrive to better provide what the customer needs in this area.

Keeping a customer happy is cheaper than trying to get new customers so make sure that you correct customer service mistakes as early as possible and never slack when it comes to this. This is a world of great competitions and sometimes, the only make or break factor for a business’ success is its customer service.

Customer ServiceIf you have ever had the experience of working at a call center, taking in calls to service customers over the phone, you know how dreadful it can be sometimes. That first call could very easily ruin your day, your week, your month or even your whole year.

I know this very well, because I was working for T-Mobile customer service, for 2 years.


This may seem a bit exaggerated but if you’ve been there and you’ve done that, you know it’s definitely possible.

Of course customer service reps still need to make the most out of their jobs, deliver excellent performance and try to climb up the ladder.

This means that you have to be effective with your job if you want to be successful and although you’re just the voice behind the phone, there are actually some definite steps you can do to become effective.

First of all, you need to sound enthusiastic.

Not overly enthusiastic but you need to put a smile in your voice. Practice makes perfect and you don’t really have to sound funny doing this. It helps a lot in establishing rapport with your customer if you have a smile in your voice. Next, you have to empathize and listen actively to what your customers need.

You can take notes;

you can simply listen and acknowledge what they are saying by simple agreements. It’s not hard if your empathy is something that’s not forced but is coming from your heart. Listening is also crucial because there won’t be any solution found if you do not really listen to what your customer needs.

He or she may be asking for something beyond the upset shouts and sarcasms.

While doing all that, you have to maintain being organized.

Just because the customer is falling apart does not mean you can slack off and scatter your thoughts and your notes everywhere.

Being organized also means you are on top of the situation and you are in control of steering your conversation to ensuring solution and satisfaction.

Think of happy thoughts so the heaviness of your job doesn’t affect you. Listening to one problem after the other can put a strain to your ear, to your head and sometimes even to your heart.

Happy thoughts can help you get by your day with a light heart. This may not be the easiest job in the world but customer service is one of the most fulfilling especially when you hear how thankful your customers are with your help.

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If you are considering one of the nation’s largest cell phone carriers in Sprint as the provider for your next cell phone contract, there are at least a couple of different things you’re going to want to think about the for you sign on the dotted line.

Cell phones have just about completely replaced landline phones forever, and have quickly become the number one tool for communication in our modern world. You simply cannot afford to move forward with a cell phone service that doesn’t provide you with all of the big benefits that you’re looking for – which makes it so important for you to investigate whether or not Sprint is all it’s cracked up to be.

Do they have the kind of coverage in your area that you are expecting?

sprint-4g-lteThe most important thing you need to investigate (something that you can figure out just by placing a single call to Sprint customer service number is whether or not they are able to offer you the kind of complete coverage you’re looking for in your local area – as well as any areas that you expect to travel in frequently.

It would be a little bit crazy to invest in a cell phone service plan that isn’t able to give you the coverage you need for crystal-clear calls and high-speed data transfers, but again, a quick call to Sprint customer service will help you understand just how strong your local signal is.

Do they have the devices that you want to use on your new Sprint cell phone contract?

Thing that you’re going to want to do is figure out whether or not Sprint offers the latest and greatest devices that you hope to run on your new contract.

Ranking right up there with Verizon and AT&T as far as new devices are concerned, almost every “flagship” smart phone produced today will run on the Sprint network with no headache or hassle whatsoever. Obviously, you’ll want to do at least a quick check to verify that you can get the phone of your dreams (or any other mobile ready device) added to your account – but a quick Google search will provide you with all of the information you need.

How responsive are the Sprint customer service representatives?


Even though Sprint cell phone service is known to be one of the most reliable in the nation (which is why so many businesses use it on a regular and routine basis), there will inevitably be hiccups and bumps in the road along the line.

You need to make sure that you are comfortable with Sprint customer service, that you feel they have addressed your needs when an issue arises, and that they are responsive and helpful every single step of the way. I think you’ll find that (especially compared to some of the other customer service departments in this industry), the experts at Sprint customer service are they are to help you get the results you are searching for!


Short brief about At&t and headquarters


AT&T is one of the leading innovators in the communications industry serving millions of customers in the US and their constituents all over the world. The Whitacre Tower headquarters in Dallas houses this communications giant. This company has been serving for more than a century and is still currently maintaining the excellence in products and services that they have dedicated to provide since they started. It focuses on building strong relationships with their customers by operating with integrity and trust and constantly thinking about the future while at the same time caring for the environment and the generations to come.

AT&T serves customers from 6 continents with a variety of Internet and communications services. The diversity of its employees make for a healthy working environment that enables the business to thrive in serving people from all walks of life. It has received countless awards from different organizations, proving that it gives the best of products and services in any way it can. From mobile phones to television, AT&T expands its network with its aim to cover all kinds of communications and entertainment needs for its clients. And you ever need any help you can quickly dial AT&T customer service number for help.

Alexander Graham Bell

The American Telephone and Telegraph Company has been founded in 1885 after it has acquired the Bell Telephone Company established by Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Because it was such an innovation at that time, AT&T has made a promise to make the invention available, changing life, as it was known during that time. Now, AT&T’s services range comprises of consumer services, small business services and enterprise portfolios. It caters:

  • local,
  • national and
  • international voice and data services

This is a company that is always a step ahead in answering the needs of consumers. It even puts a lot of thought in making its customers feel always welcome. As you will notice in AT&T retail shops, the floor layouts are created to ensure satisfaction in every customer experience even beyond the services its employees provide. Customer service online and over the phone are offered in many different languages ensuring that no one is excluded in getting the service they deserve.

AT&T is not only big on the communications business. It is also a dedicated corporation on social responsibility. The culture within this business promotes taking care of communities and enabling people improve their quality of lives. In 2012, it was reported that AT&T has contributed more than $131 million through foundations and community programs.

And last, take a look at this commercial:

Verizon Communications is a telecom and broadband giant based in New York, serving Americans since June of 2000. It was formed through the merger of GTE Corp and Bell Atlantic Corp and is one of the biggest merge in the business history of the United States.

Both companies shared the responsibility of driving Verizon to success, which now operates with over $120 billion of revenues by 2013. This company is one of the most dependable broadband and telecom providers in the US and is still continually expanding and improving its products and services through innovations.

Also, you can easily call Verizon customer service number and get quick help. With major investments in different sectors of its business, Verizon has become a global leader in its industry. It has expanded its reach to other countries all over the world and is one of the most popular service providers in the planet.

verizon modemAverage consumers regard Verizon as one of the most dependable service providers that give really good value to your money. Its coverage is said to be monumental so you can rely on your mobile network almost wherever you can go.

Verizon also extends its services to small businesses and large enterprises. With 98% coverage in all of the US, it’s an understatement to say that Verizon keeps you connected wherever you go. Although many consider Verizon’s products and services as pricier than others, you get your money’s worth and a solid mobile experience.

It is also now improving its services on 4G LTE coverage as it makes its products ready for the future. There is a lot to be excited about with this company called the Big Red because it keeps improving its technologies and keeps coming up with innovations that many other service providers cannot easily measure up to.

As a company, Verizon Communications operate with integrity and respect, making it a very appealing company to work for and associate with. Because of the governance of this business, it successfully creates many opportunities to its employees as well as customers. Verizon is but expected to become a bigger giant as technology after technology is created today.

From advanced fiber optic network to a diverse company workforce, Verizon stands to be a powerful company in the broadband and communications industry. So far, it has reached over 150 countries and with the advancing rate it is going now, it won’t be far before it becomes one of the most used service providers in this planet.

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